An appointment at Curl Power starts with an in-depth consultation. You tell us about your hair and we listen. We’ll get to know you so we can customize your services to best fit your specific curl type(s), personal expression, and lifestyle.

Please  arrive at all appointments 10 minutes early with your hair dry, down, and detangled so we can see your natural curl pattern and better customize your time with us. Price increases with time and excess detangling. We thank you for your consideration! Don't forget to take a moment to read our FAQ and Appointment Tips on how to best prepare for your appointment so you can have the best experience with us here at Curl Power.  


At Curl Power, your time at the sink is all about you. Your cleanse, condition, and style will be completely customized to serve your curl needs. We are your curl coaches, guiding you toward at-home curl success! Our goal is never just to send you out of the salon looking and feeling great, it is always coupled with the intention of giving clients control over their own healthy curly journey and the ability to love their hair the rest of the 300 and some odd days of the year that you won’t be with us.


We use the highest quality products on the market that are chosen for their ability to perform and improve the health of your hair. We want the best for you so we test it all out on ourselves, every single day. If it isn’t safe enough for our hair, we never use it on you!

All of our products are completely water soluble, free of silicones, sulfates and parabens, plant based and as natural as possible. We have a range of products to fit your needs, including certified organic, fragrance free and gluten free.  Please discuss any allergies, sensitivities or other preferences with your stylist so that your visit can be healthy and enjoyable. DevaCurl® is our primary product line, and is at the forefront of curl care. We take every opportunity to learn more about all of our products to better serve your needs. Please note that our stylist Carolyn Long carries DevaCurl® but may or may not carry different products to use in service for her clients than what is carried by the salon listed below, however all retail products can be purchased from the salon by any of our clients.

Available For Retail : DevaCurl® • Jessicurl® • BUFF®  • OLAPLEX®

Salon Use Only : WELLA • Special Effects • RUSK® • PULPRIOT