There are not enough nice things I can say to express my appreciation for such an amazing salon. Rosie has totally changed my life! My cuts and Pintura Highlights always turn out great. My curls have never been so defined, soft or beautiful. The Deva products smell so good. The whole Salon Vibe is so welcoming and inclusive, I have found my curly hair home!
— Madian O

Rosie Jablonsky 

Curl Power Founder, DevaCurl® Certified Stylist, and DevaCurl® Educator | Deva Cut: $132


I found my way to curly hair after career adventures in film making, music, puppetry, circus arts, and many social justice endeavors. My love for art and obsession with self empowerment led me to believe that if I could find a job where looking good, feeling good, being good (to the earth and each other) came together, I'd have it made. It turns out, the best way to live your dream, is to make it happen. Behold, the birth of Curl Power Salon. Artistry, Justice, Empowerment, Beauty.

Originally a self taught intuitive hair cutter, I did hair through four years of film school in Santa Fe, New Mexico and entered beauty school in 2007 after deciding I would rather work for myself than for Hollywood. I moved to Minneapolis in 2010 to pursue work as a puppeteer. I started my curl education in 2011, became a DevaCurl® educator in 2012, and received my DevaCurl®Level 3 Certification in 2014.

My hair specialties include:-creative and innovative color: rainbow shades — natural tones — easing the transition to natural silver and gray. I love creating adventurous cuts, and I encourage clients of ALL textures. Naturals, super curly, wavy, I love sculpting hair shapes and I love a challenge. I especially invite my queer family of all genders to this salon, where we understand the importance of a safe and validating space to find and express who you are.

And, contrary to popular belief, curls and bike helmets CAN live in harmony.