Are you looking for something new and funky that shows off your texture? Or maybe just trying to find the right stylist who knows how to give a simple and classic shape on your beautiful curls? Maybe you never hated your haircuts, but you never really loved them either. Whether it is trauma from the dreaded “triangle” haircut, or from having too much length cut in past by a stylist that didn’t account for your curl, we have got your back. All of our cuts are customized for you by our stylists who are educated and passionate about texture.

Deva CUT/Deva To-Go CUT

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Deva Cuts (or Curly Cuts) are customized haircuts designed for your head using the DevaCurl® method and curl-by-curl cutting on dry hair after a full and thorough consultation. Why dry? Curls and waves live in a bouncy state, so that is how we want to work with them. We want to see them the way they grow, the way you wear them. When your curls are dry and in their natural shape your stylist can better predict where they will live in your new haircut.  We never “thin” or “texturize” curls, and we stay away from combs and brushes, so that curls can retain their full structure all the way from your scalp to the end of the curl.Each curl is cut separately to achieve your desired shape and silhouette. Next is DevaCurl's® No-Poo Transformation Service (cleanse, condition, and finish with curl education) after your cut. You will receive comprehensive education about all techniques and products we recommend for you. We check the cut again after it is dry to account for shrinkage and change in the curl during the cleanse so clients can leave with a fresh style and a new bounce! A Deva To-Go Cut is the Deva Cut without the wash and style. *This service is for returning Devas only who need a quick reshaping and who feel confident in their styling abilities.


Clipper CUT

Clipper Cuts are short haircuts that requires the use of a clipper exclusively. For cuts that require an equal combination of clippers and shears due to longer lengths atop the head, please book the Deva Cut. Each cut begins with a full consultation and includes a cleanse. The Deva Cut is additionally customized using the curl by curl dry cutting method created by DevaCurl® and is finished with DevaCurl's® No-Poo Transformation Service (cleanse, condition, and finish with curl education).

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Straight CUT

For our straight-haired friends and family! This service is for clients who have straight hair when wet and who are interested in a different kind of salon experience with a focus on healthy hair. For our clients that have a loose wave, we still recommend the Deva Cut where we can teach you how to nourish and maximize your texture. Although, some of our stylists do additionally offer blowouts for naturally curly clients.Each cut begins with a full consultation and includes a cleanse, condition, and finish with healthy hair education. We have a variety of silicone/sulfate/paraben free products to choose from that are light enough for straight hair.