I have NEVER…EVER had any stylist cut my curls right. I just thought as a curly haired person, this was just something I’d deal with…Until I got a deva cut from Celeste!! She was phenomenal in every single way! It was more than just a hair cut! It was the BEST hair cut I’ve ever received! She cut each curl, and gave me so much education on how to take care of my hair & style it, I didn’t know my curls could be so bouncy/boingy/healthy! I will be back! Incredible! Thank you!
— Hailey J

Celeste Theisen

DevaCurl® Deva Advanced Stylist

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I started cutting and coloring my own hair at 13 after a lifetime of brushes and soap and coconut oil and teasing. Other prominent Minneapolis stylists encouraged me to go to beauty school in my late teens and early 20s, but I didn't listen. Instead, I spent many years as a shop girl around Minneapolis as I raised my 2 small kids. 

I did the stay at home mom thing for a couple years, but when number 3 came in 2011, so did the reality of adulthood. I listened to my calling and went to the Bloomington Empire Beauty School. When I graduated in 2012, through my sheer dumb luck, I landed in a salon where I was trained to do curly hair properly by both Carolyn and Rosie. I've been exclusively in curly hair specific salons for my entire career, although, I still do plenty of straight hair, my skills continue to improve there daily with a straight haired daughter.

Outside of work, I am well versed in and enthusiastic in a wide range of textures. My love for fiber goes back to Montessori school. 30 years I've been sewing, knitting, weaving, cutting,  doing everything related to fiber art. In my free time, I craft and I complain, and I watch shows aimed at young adults or the elderly. 


DevaCut / $145.00

Curl Power Cleanse & Style / $95.00

All Over Color / $150.00

Root Retouch / $100.00

Pintura/Rainbow Shades/Silver Transition / Pricing upon consultation*

*All Specialty Colors require a consultation to determine length of service and price*