Carolyn can do it all. She is a master of color and cut, which is very rare. She doesn’t just do the deva curl cut, she does beautiful hair styling of any kind. I know friends that go to her for both. She is definitely on the top of her game- Minneapolis is very lucky to have her.
— Tamy P

Carolyn Long

DevaCurl® Certified Stylist, Regional Trainer and Educator for DevaCurl® | Deva Cut: $140



Curls, to me, are all about fully-realized self love. For a naturally curly person, they are her crown. They are part of the frame that makes her silhouette. A curly person in her natural state is standing in her fully-occupied space. That, to me, is POWERFUL.

I have been working with curls professionally since day one of my hair career. I have trained under DevaCurl® since 2007 and I have had the great honor of nationally educating for DevaCurl® since 2011, sharing DevaCurl's®techniques and philosophy at both the NYC and LA academies, as well as in the greater US. I believe wholeheartedly in their message of curl love, curl joy, and curl empowerment.

My particular specialties are highly-textured/super curly hair, especially transitioning into natural.  I also adore work with bold avant-garde shape, creative color, and special occassion styling. I too have a love for the individual who "doesn't quite feel curly"-- the person who lives somewhere between very loose waves and realized curls. If you find your hair living in this “not quite” place, I feel you, and I LOVE to help realize your unique pattern.

Beyond my curly work, my passions are music, singing, art, nature, the stars, my cat, cooking, football (Go Bears!- I’m a Chicago native!), and social justice - particularly combatting racism and white allyship without white privilege, queer politics, feminism, and battling class injustice. Power to the people and power to the curl!